At Boxman, our service differs depending on your delivery address. See what service we can offer you.

Service Area

Please enter the postcode of your delivery address.

The service we provide is now based on your delivery address.

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How many crates should we bring?

It's always better to ask us to bring 1 or 2 boxes more than you think you need. We'll collect any empty crates you don't use.


You can store as many crates as you like with boxman, but you will have to pay for a minimum cost due to your delivery address.

Plan Summary

x Boxman Crates

For your postcode , is the minimum number of crates you can store, for months

The postcode also has a minimum crate retrieval of crates or equivalent cost of £.

Subscription will begin 7 days after delivery, and will be billed monthly.

Do you want to store less than your minimum plan?

If you do remember, you'll still have be charged for storing the minimum number of boxes for your plan.